Given the USA is still known to be the ultimate powerhouse of recreational boating consumerism and VEEM’s major geographic market for propellers, I thought I’d provide a current update and some interesting market facts :
The USA industry reported growth in new powerboat sales of 5% in 2013, with steady growth expected to continue in 2014 by 5 -7 %.

Many major overseas boat builders as well as the major builders in Asia are expecting growing consumer confidence in the USA to help lead future sales growth, particularly in the 20m + vessel range. This growth in sales is generally expected to occur within the next quarter, as the USA moves into the warmer months, and weather permitting, this should be good news for VEEM. Consumer confidence has been growing steadily both before and after the midyear hiccup, when the federal government shutdown for a few weeks – all boatshow’s in the 4th quarter of 2013 have mentioned noticeable increases in consumer sentiment.

USA Market facts : 93 % of boats sold in the USA are currently made in the USA, which is one reason overseas builders see opportunity in this market. However, of the approx 12 million currently registered leisure boats, only 50,000 are over 40′ long which is VEEM Propellers target market. Still, this is a formidable concentration of large vessels compared to other world areas. Overall boat usage is particularly high with 38% of the adult population participating in boating at least once last year (up by 6% from 2011). As in most western countries, fishing is the number one boating activity at 63%.

Stephen Vincent

VEEM Launches the all new HC Series Propellers

VEEM’s R&D team have been at the leading edge of high speed propeller design for more than a decade.

Whilst there are many conventional semi-cavitating and super-cavitating designs in the market, the tools suitable for rapid testing iteration of super-cavitating propellers have only been available for the last few years.

VEEM have used the latest in CFD technology to develop a hybrid semi/super cavitating propeller series called the HC series, or High Camber series.

This series of custom designed propellers will suit any high speed application including Sportfishers, SportYachts, Military Vessels and Commercial Vessels.

This new design also provides the lower speed benefits of more conventional propeller sections, whilst cleverly incorporating highly efficient super-cavitating sections in critical blade regions, of the propeller where propulsion efficiency normally drops away at high speed.

This development has extended the “speed barrier” for efficient use of submerged propellers into and beyond the 50 knot mark, where conventional propellers either suffer from thrust breakdown or deliver high speed performance but suffer from poor low and cruise speed efficiency.

VEEM’s new HC series propellers have already been tested extensively in the market by several prominent Sport Yacht and Sport Fishing brands.Seatrial results and feedback have exceeded initial design expectations, and there has also been very strong positive feedback regarding the secondary characteristics attributes such as of operational smoothness, fuel efficiency, manoeuvrability and acceleration.

Due to the success of this new design, VEEM plan to promote the HC propeller series to the high speed vessel and expand sales into the market extensively during 2014.

General Propeller enjoys busy 2013 Miami Boat Show

VEEM’s US distributor network has been reporting a promising increase in sales of VEEM propellers in 2013. Joel Kmetz, Sales Manager for General Propeller commented, “The Miami Boat show has been very busy for us. This year is looking much better with a significant increase in aftermarket sales of VEEM propellers. Most of these guys are looking for the best product at a sensible price and really, there is no substitute for the quality and performance that a VEEM propeller can offer.”

VEEM’s full custom propeller designs are tailored to meet the needs of each and every vessel to ensure optimum speed and smoothness. VEEM’s highly automated manufacturing facility means that VEEM can offer affordable full custom propellers of unrivalled quality and accuracy. Send an enquiry today by visiting VEEM Propellers or contact a VEEM distributor . VEEM are pleased to recommend General Propeller of Florida. You can get in
contact with Joel by visiting or calling 1800 313 6025.

VEEM enjoy success at METS 2012

Demand for high quality, high performance propellers is on the rise in the industry with many shipyards realising the benefits of full custom, fully machined propellers. Partially machined or hand finished propellers are no longer considered to be adequate for modern high performance yachts who require the ultimate in smoothness and efficiency. Add to this VEEM’s Interceptor technology and you end up with a propeller that is not only custom made and high accuracy, but also provides the means for adjust-ability. VEEM have been approached by a number of new European and Asian companies interested in the product.

VEEM expand into stainless steel propeller market

VEEM expand into stainless steel propeller market Demand for high accuracy stainless steel propellers in the global market is increasing. Commercial grade stainless steel propellers are generally fairly low in quality and accuracy, resulting in vibration and efficiency problems in service. VEEM’s advanced automated factory brings with it the ability to manufacture full custom commercial stainless steel propellers to high accuracy, whilst keeping costs low. As a result, VEEM have had considerable success recently tendering stainless steel propellers for yacht and commercial vessels.

VEEM deliver advanced VEEMUltraskew-LC design

VEEM deliver advanced VEEMUltraskew-LC design Continuous research and development within VEEM’s propulsion division has delivered yet another advance in the world of propulsion with the release of the new VEEMUltraskew-LC propeller. Fitted with VEEMInterceptor technology, this new design was optimised in collaboration with Princess Yachts who continue to seek the optimum in propulsive efficiency for their customers. The new design incorporates VEEMHelix technology resulting in reduced tip losses and blade tip pressures. The result is an extremely smooth and efficient propeller, optimised for medium to high speed superyachts.

Veem Limited Wins Exporter Of The Year 2012

The 2012 Club Marine Australian Marine Export & Superyacht Industry Awards, organized by the Australian International Marine Export Group (AIMEX) were announced last week at the AIMEX and Club Marine annual networking function in Sydney’s Darling Harbor. VEEM Limited was awarded the title of “Exporter of the Year 2012”.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, VEEM Limited won ‘Exporter of the Year’ and ‘Best Marine Industry Export Performance (Large)’. VEEM Limited has adapted and diversified in the current market maintaining their strong and strategic export performance plan as well as expanding their product range and successfully delivering this to the market.

The award was accepted by VEEM Propellers Asia Pacific distributor Stephen Vincent on the night who acknowledged VEEM’s significant presence in the market for their innovative product.

VEEM lead the industry in the development of propeller design and manufacturing technology. Application of state-of-the-art manufacturing technology ensures that VEEM propellers provide the highest levels of performance and quality available in the industry. VEEM also utilize the latest CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) software in the new concept and optimization stages of design. The results are clear to see with VEEM’s innovative patented revolutionary Interceptor Propeller™, VEEMUltraskew super-yacht propeller and VEEMSurf™ surface drive propeller designs all leading the way in their respective markets.

VEEM have also recently evolved to be able to provide a range of commercial marine propellers with superior accuracy and quality that far surpasses the competition. VEEM’s advanced, automated propeller factory continues to deliver impressive cost reductions in a market where, and has been able to offer substantial price reductions on  its commercial range of propellers. VEEM’s commercial propellers include the VEEMSkewplan, VEEMKaplan and VEEMLoadstar among other designs. As a result VEEM has positioned itself in the market to be competitively priced while still holding the mantle as being the number one manufacturer of quality propellers.

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